So-Fi-T by Beth Kais, M.Ed., CSCS, DNSET, PRT    

Optimal Fitness at Any Age

Why Beth?

beth kais dedicated her career to studying the principles of health and advancing the fitness industry.  improve your performance naturally by identifying the restrictions and compensations that rob your body of performance contributing to decline and injury.  take advantage of her vast knowledge beyond the gym including intestinal conditions, cutting edge nutrition and genetic abnormalities that negatively impact daily wellness.  whether recovering from injury or looking to take your performance to the next level she looks forward to helping you exceed all your health expectations!  . 


education and qualifications

- Vanderbilt University (1985-89) B.A.

- The College of New Jersey, (1995-97) M.ed.

- The CHEK Institute (2002-Present) level 1 and certified golf biomechanic

- NSCA CSCS (2006-present) certified strength and conditioning specialist

- Freedom From Pain/erik dalton advanced myoskeletal alignment(2008)

- Postural restoration institute, myokinematic restoration and pelvis restoration - 2015. Postural respiration - 2016, impingement and instability - 2017.

- postural restoration trained 2017

- Rehabilitation Prague School DNS 1 & 2 - 2016, DNS 3 - 2017

- Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization exercise trained 2017

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