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Suffering from brain fog, digestive issues or full blown illness like MS, RA or cancer?

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An enlightneing and empowering article for enhancing your health to cure symptoms and illness.

C-reactive Protein Not Enought to Accurately Predict Coronary Disease

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As my clients matured and their health concerns changed our discussions shifted to coronary artery disease.  Many only screened for the presence of C-reacitive protein and an elevated level could send them into a state of worry.  C-reactive protein elevates any time the body fights infection and may increase in the absence of heart disease.  Instead an inexpensive CBC (complete blood count) that includes white blood cells and their subtypes, hemotracit, and erythrocyte sedimentation rate present a more accurate picture of the absence or presence of coronary artery disease.

Cure Acne by Treating Your Gut?

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Yes!  The American Academy of Dermatology has named probiotics a beauty breakthrough!  Healthy gut = healthy skin and healthy everything else.  Good news - now probiotics come in a stabilized form and do not have to be refrigerated.  They are a little more expensive but contain more active strains.  In a pinch kimchee or sauerkraut will do too.

Great News for Women

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Not only can you still build muscle after menopause - Omega 3 increases your gains in strength and muscle and functional capacity beyond weight training alone.  If you have digestive trouble with pure fish or krill oil flax is a great alternative.  High Omega 3 food sources include berries, leafy greens, avocados, grass fed meats and eggs from grass fed chickens.