So-Fi-T by Beth Kais, M.Ed., CSCS, DNSET, PRT    

Optimal Fitness at Any Age

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fitness assessments - evaluation, report, & personalized program recommendations

1-2 hours - Includes

--  Comprehensive health review (including injury history, mri, ct),

--  performance measurements of your ability to bend, twist, rotate shoulders and hips and move shoulders and hips toward and away from the mid-line including analysis of video performances (where applicable)

--  physical condition with respect to flexibility, joint range of motion, nerve function and stability in the hips, ability to support the back, neck and torso (IAP) and coordination of the deep abdominals 

--  explanation of findings and corrective recommendations including videos with verbal instructions 

--  complete report of all findings including how the results impact lifestyle and performance. 

--  complete written program in sequential order with step by step detailed instructions to compliment the videos.


$150 miami & Miami Beach

$200 Ft. Lauderdale/broward county

$250 west palm and Palm Beach Gardens

Program oversight or updating 

1 hour consultation in person or via skype - includes

--  Direct instruction and detailed monitoring of form

--  re-testing and program progression instantly

--  notification of pertinent research instantly

$100 miami & miami beach & Skype

$150 Ft. Lauderdale/broward county

$200 west palm beach, Palm beach gardens/palm beach county

please contact me for an appointment outside the southeast florida area